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Fishing is taken very seriously in East New Britain and in the New Guinea Islands.

There are countless networks of untouched reef systems, the notorious St Georges Channel and a deep sea mound well known for chasing Yellow Fin Tuna, Dog Tooth Tuna, Marlin and Spanish Mackerel.

As part of our conservation plan, our dive sites are reserved exclusively for divers and snorkelers.  Our fishing grounds are at least 30-40 minutes down the coast, a 40 nautical mile stretch of pristine reefs.

You will be fighting the mighty Coral Trout from the depths that he dwells , or having to tighten your drag to slow down that Blue Boy Trevally.  Taking on a Giant Trevally in a tug of war match or playing a Sail Fish as it dances through the air on a 6 Kg line not only takes strength but also skill and endurance.

There is also an option of leisurely trawling and at the right time you may bring home for supper a Wahoo, Mackerel or Trevally.

All equipment is supplied but you are welcome to bring your own – especially that Lucky Rod or Lure!.

Our experienced Fishing Team are also more than happy to bring out novice fishers and spend time showing you the ropes and magic tricks to help you bring home the catch of the day.

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