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East New Britain Province is rich in culture, WW II history and stories of volcanoes.

Take a half day or full day tour of some of the sites steeped in the history that has shaped the East New Britain of today. Rabaul, was built up from a mangrove swamp by the Germans.  They introduced coconut plantations as a major cash crop and export. It came under British rule after World War I. In World War II Rabaul was held captive by Japan as a vital control center for many of the attacks across the Pacific.

Today Rabaul and its new town Kokopo survive in the presence of one of nature’s most destructive forces – Tavurvur Volcano. 

Your Kabaira Guide will regale you with stories of the Rabaul that once was the most promising town of PNG and show you the destruction and devastation experience by the Rabaul township as you drive down Mango Avenue and the Old Rabaul Airport.  Visit Kokopo, the new town..

It boasts the best market in PNG and a fantastic museum of salvaged WW II military relics. We will be happy to tailor a tour for you – a WWII focused tour or a Volcano Tour or a mix of both with the local fruit, vegetable and craft market, an orchid garden – the choice is yours.

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East New Britain, Kokopo 1414, Papua New Guinea

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