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Kabaira Dive will show you the wonders in and out of the water.

Imagine the sapphire blue ocean lit up by the tropical sun.  You dip you head under the shimmering surface and a rainbow of life sparkles before you. The Coral and Bismarck Seas offer some of the most spectacular and diverse coral reefs with incredible life inhabiting them.

We are lucky to have 7 different species of Clown Fish in PNG. Wonder at the symbiotic relationships between anemone and Clownfish and the Goby and Blind Shrimp.  Float and gaze upon the life and enjoy the show.

On the ocean’s surface one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles await you. Our resident pods of wild Spinner Dolphins pirouette out of the ocean and frolic in the crystal clear lagoons. 

From time to time the Common Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin and Pilot Whales can also be spotted.

Only in Paradise...

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