Ulagio - Watom Island

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Watom Island is an inhabited island in the Bismarck Sea in Papua New Guinea, located just off the mainland of the northern coast of New Britain, near Rabaul. It lies to the north-east of Urara Island. The island is almost entirely forested except for a few scattered settlements. It is fiercely protected by its proud owners. The highest point of the island is approaching 320 meters. Wacom’s Wall, a "classic wall dive well", located on the northern coast, is a notable diving location. During World War II, the island served as a Prisoner of War camp for British soldiers captured at Singapore. Only 18 survived out of the original 600 shipped out on the Matsa Maru in November 1942. The last surviving 21 POWs were incarcerated on the island at the beginning of 1944, a further 3 dying by the end of the war leaving only 18 to return to civilization

Ulagio is the site of a disused cocoa and coconut buying point. As part of JRH Oceanic Resorts and Marine mission for sustainable and ecological development we will reopen this buying point as a vital link for the livelihood of this region.

Come and stay with us whilst we build Inspired by mystery, jungle lights, steep cliffs and war tunnels we are building a Dive, Adventure Eco Resort like no other... Our accommodation will be basic and clean with hot showers. Share our PNG Hospitality with traditional home cooked food.  Hear our stories. We can promise you fabulous diving and fishing. 

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